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"Again kept up with another good opponent" | S04-Press Conference after Union |

Thomas Reis: "Union have had a fantastic season so far. It’s tough to get anything from this place and I think it was a fair result today. We got another clean sheet and put in another good performance against a strong opponent. We defended well once again and were solid at the back. Unfortunately though, we failed to score yet again. We weren’t calm enough at key moments in the final third, but you can’t forget that Union are second in the league. It’s hard to create chances against them, so we’ll gladly take the point. You can see that something is starting to grow here. We will continue to work really hard on our attacking play in the coming weeks. We have to keep practicing, practicing, practicing. Decisive matches are coming thick and fast."

Reporter: "If you please, you have two personnel issues. On the one hand, Uronen had to leave in the first half. Can you then give an update because from the grandstand it was not so evident what he had exactly and secondly Kozuki was dropped out at short notice. When

that became apparent and how difficult to plan because of that?"

Thomas Reis: "Uronen had problems with the adductors. He we wanted to play long balls, the pain was not allowing him to do so today and he indicated that to us early. As I said it was the muscles that were getting tighter and because of that we took him out as a precaution that's why we brought on Thomas Ouwejan to replace him. With Kozuki, it

was in training during a duel and an unfortunate action at the ankle took him out of action. The only way to get rid of this injury is some downtime, which is natural but very, very unfortunate because he was on a good run and in good shape. All the best from me to him and hope he can start walking healthy soon."


Before the match Reis said, "We are travelling to Berlin to win. To say that we just want a point doesn’t fit with the way I do things and that also can’t be the way Schalke does things."

We are always trying to work hard. That’s the most important thing,” emphasized Reis. “What the team has delivered in the last three games was ok, because we kept clean sheets – and not because we just sat back, but because we were defending actively,” said Reis. In attack, Reis suggest the team is just missing that little slice of luck. “In any case, you can’t just give up and stop trying to get that luck. We have a run that shows that we were hard to beat three times in a row. Now, we want to also pick up the three points, then this run can also be seen as very positive,” said Reis.

Photo credit to FC Schalke 04

Did Schalke achieve victory? No. But that doesn't go to say that Schalke did not try to get a result. As the game went longer, Schalke took more and more scoring chances. Sure the likes of Zalazar struggled in this affair. But keep in mind, Schalke were without arguably their best player in 2023 in Kozuki.

Travelling to Union is one of the most difficult asks in Europe, and oh by the way, they're contending for the Bundesliga title. Schalke were on the backfoot for a good portion of this match, but did not really give up too many dangerous situations. That is remarkable considering the 6-1 walloping they endured in the first half of the season.

Photo credit to FC Schalke 04

Reis' men ran the game plan to near perfection and had their chance to steal it late. The offensive side is still lacking, but Schalke got through a rough stretch of opponents playing their best football of the season defensively. Just in time with two relegation six-pointers on the horizon in Stuttgart and Bochum.

Photo credit to FC Schalke 04

Things are trending upward, but as Ralle, Reis and company have all said, "we need goals and wins now."


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