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PK nach TSG Hoffenheim [English]

Andre Breitenreiter:

Yes, thank you very much, and Gluck auf. I think we played well, and we found our way into the game very well. We managed with individual leads and then unfortunately played a bit too passively. We gave the opponents the opportunity to come back into the game. We felt the stadium was there at first always a special atmosphere here and then we had moments where we survived happily because the post shots can also go in. That is primarily the case with clubs then wherever things are going. That shouldn't be the case for Schalke today and then we scored the goals at the right times.

Overall, we think every time we played fast and also attacked dangerously but precision in the finishing was largely missing, although we created moments. But I would not complain too much about that today. What is important is that we also kept a clean sheet. In the second half, we continued to attack offensively. We didn't want to chase the opponent one-on-one. We didn't just let them come forward, not in simple flank situations. And so we kept them as far away from our goal as possible. Yes, we could have scored more or had more scored on us, but I still think that Schalke put on a courageous performance today over many moments and gave everything, but we were just the better team.

Frank Kramer: Gluck auf to everyone. Yes, of course, we are disappointed because I think the team packed a lot of energy into our game today and played courageously, and we tried to find solutions both to attack when the opponent had the ball and to attack when we had the ball. Because we developed a lot of shots and yes, others did the right thing but unfortunately, we conceded really unfortunate goals at the wrong time. We have to accept two penalties against ourselves.

It is of course also unfortunate and is then also relatively difficult for a team to cope with. At some points, I think we coped with the first blow to the head. We always came back straight away, then of course we had to eat a switchover situation from our own corner kick. That of course mustn't happen to us in that situation. Then of course we made up our minds at halftime that we try and stay in the game and try to connect passes. In the 59th, the third goal, it was difficult again for the boys to go for it. And yes, Hoffenheim had a lot going on in the back. Very experienced, disciplined, and yes, with a good quality of players. It was just difficult to come back.

Again, overall disappointing result, of course, the right reaction after the Leverkusen game. The boys showed a lot of passion, left their hearts out on the pitch, and that is definitely worth emphasizing.

Philipp Selldorf: How are you tonight? Or how are things going with you? Logically we are talking about whether you stay as head coach or not. Would you have anything to say about that?

Kramer: Yes, I'm just as disappointed as the guys who are sitting in the dressing room. Yes, it is clear that you have to let it sink in first. You have to process that first. About me personally, it's not just my issue, I've always focused on accompanying the team in the best possible way. The focus was solely to accompany the team, to prepare them well, to lead the game, and yes everything else, as I said, not bothering with, if I have to be honest, right after the game either, yes, but it is not my topic to discuss.

Jorg Strohschein: Mr. Kramer we're ten games completed, one-third of the season. Do six points by a team sound like someone who is competitive or not? What do you think?

Kramer: We scored too few points. That's always completely out of the question. We're not satisfied. That's not the state that we wished for, that we introduced ourselves to. We saw today that if you start everything, then we are competitive. But we have to start everything in all situations and simply act more precisely there.

Another reporter: Mr. Kramer, everything the team brought today, you brought Mollet and Kral from the start, why not start them from the last few matches? After what you brought to the pitch today?

Kramer: Only Alex Kral, he's started a few times, so in the last few games you have to say he was out there. Florian Flick has done well. We earned a lot in Stuttgart, yes even where you might have had to win. We then won against Bochum. Flick was then tough in the derby, so that's why he stayed there and in the following one. I've emphasized that several times simply he is a good kicker, but of course, Mollet comes from another country, another league, and speaks another language, which means that a boy needs a certain amount of time to get used to the processes and I think both players (Kral and Mollet) have done well since we have prepared them well and they now have the required intensity that is needed for the Bundesliga.

PK ends.

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