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PK vor TSG Hoffenheim [English]


Yes, hello then, let's start with the mandatory personnel question to whois available?

Kramer: if not luck for the first time, we are still without Martin Kaminski, Ibrahim Cisse, Sepp Van Den Berg and Rodrigo Zalazar. and yes Tobias Mohr could only be limited yesterday in training. He was sick so time will tell if he gets in there. We assume that all others are then available as it stands.

Robin Haack:

Question on the guest player on trial at Schalke, how is he doing and what are the chances there, very obliged if you would say the name and you can pronounce it or maybe we can agree to call him Kollo for short?

Kramer: Let’s keep it simple yes, Kollo was at the start this week. He’s a central defender and of course there’s a bottleneck on the position that we know about yes, look there’s not an insane amount of bodies in the unit, but he did make serious factual impression…

Schroder interrupts: if I were to say it differently, it would be difficult, I think, no. you just notice a certain experience that he has I have believe, that you notice when a longer break had since summer could everyone can also see their profile exactly what’s applied but still played through the break totally you notice a certain rather Seriousness experience also with him but nevertheless, this will be a very calm trial in the end. We also have to be sure what we still want to get in, if we want to get something in again and again the balancing of the last eight games which now still have 7 + 1. If you can use him and then wait again in the direction then January new period to then settle and now already makes but so in terms of character we already knew before very, very good, very positive multilingual left foot good impression made but let's wait and see .

Marcel Witte: Can you now also play this week in training and rehearse to bring the back three back as an advantage over the back of four?

Kramer: We have just analyzed after the game against Leverkusen and have then again everything collected also reviewed. It is important that you let the game pass since accordingly also analyzed and have yes looked at what possibilities the back three which then also become a back five depending on how high the outside of the opponents has the advantage that you in the center, of course, triple occupancy are that of course you have things to do one in the back of the defense. On the other hand, you can also defend in the red zone accordingly and that you are there of course in the center of course with a Players there a little more stable and are more compactly occupied, that's for us a possibility very clearly we have it also in the preparation one or other times already in training with and we don't want anything there but of course want to be there try the best possible version of to get us then on the square.

Robin Haack: Yes, Kramer last in my series of questions. What gives you hope tomorrow that the walls can be initiated?

Kramer: First of all, we have what is now against Leverkusen. We of course analyzed this game and in different situations have also discussed this, it is clear to us because we understand a different attitude is simply expected of us, which we also want to show, that we want to and need to bring a different intensity to the opponent. What gives us hope is that the Leverkusen match wasn’t what we wanted to bring, what we wanted to show. What gives us hope is that we can do that in other games, in many other games, let’s take the second half from Union Berlin again, that we just got there and we acted well as a team, that we acted intensively there have shown a different face and I think that’s what I think it’s about now with everything we’re doing now, back three, everything we’re talking about more tactically and hope is clear we need an attitude that we need to go in saying we want to show a different face and we want points.

Eichmann from Sky: Mr. Kramer, you just described the defensive advantages of a 3-man or 5-man defense. What do you get in the offensive game? I’m thinking Thomas Ouwejan, for example, who might be able to create a position where he can better bring his qualities to bear?

Kramer: Of course, that’s one thing, that means the outside can be pushed higher and of course closer to the opponents goal to then act with crosses and of course you have one more player in the last line of build-up, which means depending on how an opponent starts, you can, of course create a superior number there and then from there move forward where you might then get a little closer to the opponent’s goal just by building up and create more opportunities because opponents naturally have to react somewhere in midfield and this frees up space.

Deborah Stutzke for Bild: Mr. Kramer there a lot of hustle and bustle about your people at the time. How do you feel about it? How do you take it?

Kramer: First of all I’m a human, so it is clear that you can feel it of course. It’s not a question, nonetheless, it is not just my topic yes and the discussions are of course, before the game, of course, not a goal oriented one either, but means the sole focus is on the team lies on the next game against Hoffenheim and how to go about it. Yes, and you have to say one thing about that, yes, from day one we all vowed that we would fight to stay up in the league that’s the only goal and everyone, including me, was committed to it and the way the season went, we’d really like to have it and of course we’d have liked to have brought it in too , we would like to take it with us, but if we look closely now, we are actually exactly there where, among other things, because it was expected we would fight to stay up in the league and we have to face this situation. I have to do that too. I do everything I can every day to achieve our goal. Then you feel the unrest, nonetheless the focus is very clearly on the team and our goal at the club, yes and we have to be aware the situation and everyone has to be aware of that.

Norbert Neubaum: There’s a lot of talk about the final for Frank Kramer these days about the last chance. Do you feel this final pressure? Is it just our imagination that that’s a final for you or has the club possibly even communicated that to you?

Kramer: So not my topic for the time being, I’ve just explained it and it was the sixth day of the game, I think there has also been a dismissal, as the Bild newspaper called it, and then we went through it and it also came from outside, so we focus fully on the game and what we have to do as a team and that we have a different approach, wanting to show your face yes and that is my focus and that is the focus and everything else I just don’t pay any attention to.

Eichmann for Sky: Yes, Schroder is maybe something to have to deal with there is a moment when they say okay I see in this situation no perspective anymore if, for example, a performance like that against Leverkusen is repeated?

Schroder: I forgot to say “Gluck auf” with the first answer, that’s why I say “Gluck auf”, I would have liked to answer it, so of course I didn’t say it because I think you have to the last game we made a lot of good plays also of the intensity also of the type, the way a team presented itself by not agreeing with what we said C-classes just, the last game disappointed us all of course the result is one, the other coach said again the attitude, the way you can lose, but the way and the way you made videos broadcast that wasn’t Schalke 04 and we made it very clear that we also demanded and also had the duty of the team to change their faces. We are very, very confident that tomorrow will be different and that is the focus that we have been addressing all week in the short week it is simply about being successful for Schalke 04 and also having the attitude to show one’s face to the outside world and therefore the appeal tomorrow evening to show one’s face, that is, by saying we are convinced that the training this week is completely clear. Sometimes a short, crisp week is better than a long, tedious one. That’s also something everyone can understand. They also have the insight into what happened and it’s not about the head coach at all, it’s just about that we as Schalke 04 present ourselves differently and I think that as with the coach, we had completed this week and that is also the focus of tomorrow’s game.

Marcel Witte: We have practically not talked about the opponent at all today, TSG Hoffenheim, Mr. Kramer. How do you see them so far? How are they performing so far and, above all, how do you want to counteract TSG football, which is also very fast on the pitch in a playful way?

Kramer: TSG Hoffenheim is simply a grown team that is always looking for a playful approach because the corresponding options also has the players, who have always been with them at the back, so far have built up a back three, with all the players in front of them, building up a diamond because in the center is simply strong games, which of course has strengthened on the defensive side. Offensively simply variable, flexible, changes of position, the games are flexible and that what it’s about on the one hand, to work on, on the other hand, of course, to have the confidence to have the ball ourselves that’s something we took away from the Leverkusen match, that we want to show ourselves that when we have the ball, we want to go to the oppositions goal together, that we are involved in the build-up of the game because the opportunities that the opponent offers you up the spaces that we then use them accordingly then we get closer to the opponent’s goal to do the final actions. Then be able to prepare better and that will of course be the task that on the one hand you fight this playful structure accordingly and on the other hand that was of course always consistently using our own solutions and showing ourselves consistently to create corresponding goal chances and to concede goals is also part of it, of course we want to get the points.

Robin Haack from WAZ: We have noticed the team because this week the boys all understood what it is about and what matters on Friday too?

Kramer: So first of all, we have mentioned that we dealt with it in all possible situations, we analyzed it, we discussed it and yes, every single player plays for FC Schalke 04 and if you then have a performance like the one we had recently against Leverkusen then of course everyone is asked to have the appropriate credibility, also to the stadium, to show them I’m the right one here to help. I’m the one who has the right focus and hits everything here and we just have to convey that to us we have to be a different face, we want that too and that has to do with the team also demonstrates accordingly.

Deborah Stutzke for Bild: Mr. Schroder, a quick question, you just said it has nothing to do with the coach, so it’s not about the head coach, it means you’re not busy at the moment talking to the other coaches?

Schroder: So it’s an exciting question if you think I’ll stay with you. I think I’ve heard of some candidates and also supposedly of something else. I’m there if you read more enthusiastically about the things we’re dealing with in the here and now we always did and also with Frank Kramer, with the team , I think we see that we all do and try to ensure that Schalke 04 plays successful football and our focus is tomorrow. We have worked on the Leverkusen game and basically we are focusing in on the game and nothing else.

Eichmann: Mr. Kramer, there are a few players who are also quite offensive. Could set impulses that have not had many chances so far, Mollet, for example, also Karaman, who play what role in their deliberations, to change something in the offensive area?

Kramer: So first of all its like that when you play a game like that against Leverkusen, of course, everything will be questioned. I would like to say again there were a lot of other games where we did show well in terms of commitment. We already have talked about tactical options and of course there is a personnel opportunities and the guys are an important part of the team that you just mentioned, and of course you also think about letting them go on their own. We had to prepare them well , I think it’s important for new players who then arrive first, some of them arrive from other countries, and yes we take that into consideration. They will forgive me. By the way it is everyone who is challenged, you have now talked about the coach and yes of course we are all challenged, team is dangerous, players are challenged, we in the coaching team are challenged, the club is challenged, everyone is challenged to lend a hand that excludes no one. We don’t want to deny and that is also something that is self-evident yes, but in all and foremost we have to see that we get to the stadium and that will demonstrate this attitude, this sharpness, this focus that is and that we will show and then, of course, we want to score and do it again with all our might.

Eichmann: If the team didn’t have these attributes in Leverkusen, we can probably say that if the team offers a performance like this again even after a week where you talked to them about this, maybe also tactically change somethings with your personnel where there is a moment where you yourself would say okay, “if the team repeats these performances then maybe I’m not the right one” ?

Kramer: (smiles) So I emphasized my complete focus is on the team and on the performance and there is just no space for anything else, it’s also no energy for at all. Yes, I have to and focus on what I can influence, everything else, so what happens after the game there wasn’t really. My only goal is that we perform well, that the fans say Schalke went home, we saw a team really invested everything and we want points and that’s what it’s all about and there’s no place for anything else.

PK ends.


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