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Schalke PK After Leverkusen

Thomas Reis:

After this tragic news, it’s very difficult to talk about the game. There are more important things than a game of football. I would like to offer my sympathies to the family and friends of the person that passed away, and wish them strength at this difficult time.

There’s only one side to the story today; Leverkusen fully deserved their win. Our opponents demonstrated their quality on the pitch – we have to acknowledge and accept that.

We had a very good first 10 minutes and could have taken the lead with a little bit of luck. We defended well for the rest of the first half, but we also didn’t make enough of our corners and free-kicks.

You have to take full advantage of set-pieces against a good side like them if you want to pick up points. Our unbeaten run has come to an end, but our goal is to start a new one next week.

Reporter question: Thomas I heard Schalke in Hoffenheim on Easter Sunday with 10,000 fans and after that comes harder match versus Hertha on Friday. Despite the defeat, you should feel positive from the perspective of cohesion?

Reis: Yes, definitely feels very positive about that. We lost a game today against a great opponent and we know it's just one stop from others. But also there were eight games we lost where we weren't in the same situation.

There will be many fans in Hoffenheim and we will do everything to make the next two games successful. Bundesliga is just as tight down at the bottom as the top.

We didn't create a lot today but like I said three times today it was just not happening for us and next week we are definitely looking forward to hopefully a better performance against Hoffenheim and accordingly also to score. That's the big goal we have now for the next two games.



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