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Schalke PK after Stuttgart Match

Host: With our press conference after our home game against VfB Stuttgart, the final score was 2-1, as always, I can somehow welcome the two guests, both coaches on the podium and now the guest coach starts with his statement about the game.

Bruno Labbadia: We are of course disappointed with the first half we played today. Schalke presented themselves as we expected, played a lot of long balls played on the second wave of attack. We put little pressure on them and we did plan differently then we showed. We conceded the goals very easily because we didn't act but just reacted to a lot of things and I think we deserved, I guess, even if I didn't have that much say. but it was enough because they were very effective and in the second you actually did see we did as we planned, to put pressure on, to play quite a bit also to prevent long balls. Yes, I think we had the chances to score and make it 2-2 that would have been important today. We didn't do it and that's why we are very disappointed especially with the first half. Thank you and congratulations to Thomas.

Host: Thank you very much. Thomas, your comment on the game, please.

Thomas Reis: Thank you very much, Bruno, for the congrats. The first half was balanced by the course of the game, we rewarded ourselves with two nice goals, all of Schalke were longing for it. I think I also made it very quickly there, too, to remind myself that it's yes in my control and then it happens like it's sometimes difficult to explain but if you try certain things maybe also to explain from a psychological point of view because you have to say that Stuttgart put us under pressure from the start. In the second half, I got the impression that the team thought they could lose something. We couldn't get any relief. Nevertheless, we're happy that we managed to pull it off. Thank you.

Host: Thank you. If there are questions for the two head coaches, then we start right here in the front.

Andreas Ernst for WAZ: They had to change the fullback positions here, but one tactic didn't change as much as we found. Why and how did you find the performance of Aydin and Matriciani?

Reis: I said that our undercut was my stability, but I thought that would be it as a team have always done very, very well of course it is like that today. Aydin wanted to be put in but also he was always asked to give his all because he is a junior player, a moderate right defender. So for me there was no reason there completely go off course. We had a bit of a problem with personnel on the left side, but Henning Matriciani is just a player that you can throw in anywhere, the boy simply shows heart and also shows a certain courage and that's why you wanted to say don't mess up the basic structure and that was the reason for simply saying okay we also have a home game we want to play with the fans behind us and we are trying to hold their own against Stuttgart, in order to put pressure on them early on and afterwards and I think it worked out quite well.

Philipp Selder for SZ: Reis, people have been coming here for a long time. Thought that when the goal made it 1-2, that's typical Schalke again. What were your thoughts, I mean you held up excellently before and after the goal but not at the moment and maybe it wouldn't have been such a drama if this subsequent hit hadn't slipped through Ralle Fahrmann? What are your thoughts?

Reis: Yes, that is also always said about Ralle maybe has he has a piece of the ball, but it's just such a play in football. You can see how close it all is, of course. Ralle knows, of course, that the ball wasn't unstoppable. You can make mistakes, it's important to stay true to yourself. And he showed that in the follow-up save where Stuttgart could have tied it. I'm glad that he gives stability, that we use him and have in goal. Mistakes happen and maybe that won't be the last one, but as long as the team does everything for him and I found that from that point in the game the team defended even better in order to take the train home in victory.

Boris Spernol for Ruhrnachrichten: Mr. Reis they reacted relatively quickly with a change and then again in a triple change. I think the change from Zalazar was maybe a little surprising for the fans maybe take us into your thoughts for a moment?

Reis: Yes, it was normal with Tom Kraus that he yes that the tank was completely empty so he said he today he was very, very exhausted, a bit tired, and that's why I brought in Eder Balanta then. And then you just noticed that we no longer get much possession and it was like that for the whole second half and then yes, we had to make a decision and then you have to say that it surprised some people, but in the end we won the game, whether it was because we made one sub or more. I always try to react if certain things are recognized on the pitch and that was the reason why I made the moves I made but we needed three new fresh players to somehow withstand the pressure and in retrospect it was enough, thank God.

Andreas Ernst: Mr. Reis you have, shortly after this game, to look forward to the next game, which is very special for you.

Reis: I think today did do us well which hasn't been the case for a very, very long time. We scored more goals then allowed and got three points. Let us reflect in victory and then we can talk about the next game next week which will definitely not be easy but we are battle tested and that's what we want, of course. We will also try to make the next game successful for us.



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