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Schalke PK Before BVB

Media director Marc Siekmann: A warm welcome to our fans and members in front of the screen and the media representatives here in the Veltins Arena, I would also like to welcome Thomas Reis, the head coach to the press conference before our Revierderby games on Saturday at 6:30 p.m. here in the Veltins Arena. He will be available to answer your questions immediately. But we can imagine that there is certainly one or the other demand for the events of this morning. We've already received a few inquiries about it, so we want to deal with it first and then get down to sport. A few words in advance FC Schalke 04 has clearly laid it down in its mission statement and statutes.

Namely, that we accept any form to reject violence in principle. Wish that the derby on Saturday will be peaceful, whether here in the arena, whether in the city area or beyond. We also found out about the police measures this morning through the scope and detailed reporting in the media and looking at what we have been able to read and see there so far. Are we quite surprised by the extent of the operation? When asked, the club association was informed that the Essen public prosecutor's office was leading the process. For the time being, we were rejected with reference to the ongoing measures and the investigation. This means that our state of knowledge is based on what has been published in the media or in the police press release so far. Therefore, we cannot make any further statements on the whole complex of topics at this point.

What is important for us as an association to emphasize again is that we want an exciting, peaceful derby and that we, above all, want to see the game as another important step on the way to our big goal, namely staying up in the Bundesliga. Before we go to a midday press conference and the questions for Thomas Reis, I ask you if there are any questions about the complex? Let's start with Dirk Schlarmann before we go to Jörg Strohschein .

Dirk Schlarmann: I had just read that the police union was also a bit annoyed by the wording of the press release regarding the alcohol ban. So what? Are there any facts to show that promoting an alcohol ban is actually for less rioting? Because you can assume that the people who met there last week or 2 weeks ago are not the ones who were drinking alcohol here in the arena at the weekend, then somehow you know what I mean that in the end, Is the question missing the point a bit?

Siekmann: We have made our position on this clear in the press release, there are also studies on, among other things, the ones that we just mentioned in the press release. In our view, this is not expedient and is not proportionate. In the end, this is also the responsibility of the security authorities, who ultimately have to give us approval for the security concept, the common and therefore the decision. Not to sell alcohol against Borussia Dortmund. Exactly what I wanted to say is alcohol is canceled, so to speak no alcohol would you give further measures, possibly a tour of the fans separately to the stadium or anything that is supposed to have a de-escalating effect? So, the derby itself is not a new game for us, but we practiced that a lot before COVID-19 and things like fan separation, lighting, etc. They are well practiced, but they have been agreed upon or discussed. With the security authorities there will of course be measures to ensure that there is no confrontation. But also assume that all the fans who come to the stadium do that because they want to see an exciting football game and that's why the appeal, which we now consciously want to place again.

Now let's switch, as the saying goes, and now to sports. Any questions for Thomas Reis. Then as always, I would ask for a show of hands.

Let's start like every week. Yes, we'll start with Bavaria Wochner for the WDR.

Bavaria Wochner: Hello Mr. Reis, what do you actually say to the people who might come up with the thesis of the Revierderby? Haven't come across such a good one for a long time Time now for Schalke.

Thomas Reis: Yes, first of Gluck Auf all around. Yes, everyone has their own opinion and then I mean we are in a good phase at the moment. I think it's a pretty good phase, I think everyone probably talked about it, you know, how bad the result could be against us if we played this earlier in the season. Now? Has the tide changed a bit? Of course. We now have a huge opportunity to show that, we want to expand on that at the moment and we already know what's to come, but of course, we're looking forward to this story.

Dirk Schlarmann: That mini-Revierderby was last week, it wasn't easy for you. How does it look now? Before this big derby at home at Schalke this is the game to enjoy.

Reis: Believe it or not. Well, I actually enjoy every Bundesliga game, I mean, I know that of course it's something special here, but now I'm right in the middle of it instead of just there and I've always followed it from the outside, of course. It's really explosive. I also think of the most important games in Germany. Whoever watched it, would this is the main derby and I'm glad I'm part of it now. Can last week be anything special? Personally, of course, something special now, because I'm Schalke's coach and I've got a big derby ahead of me in my team. Yes.

Jörg Strohschein: How did the last victory in the mini Revierderby have an effect on the team within the last week? Noticed that it was a bit of new self-confidence instilled maybe and a bit of euphoria looking ahead at Saturday's game?

Reis: Yes, the warnings have somehow actually already been present in the last few weeks. Also because we, of course, are there and when you win, when you are successful, if you are even able to climb in the table and have found a connection, then naturally the training is a bit more liberated and it is always very important that the training one does not become arrogant, that one thinks one has already achieved a lot. We have reached a bit of water that's right because we're back in the race. It's now up to us that we collect something, our next points, which won't be easy, of course we want to make sure we play a good game, that we then play a successful game and uh want to of course if we can, if it is possible also to keep the points here keep but it will be a difficult ta,sk but already know that, we still have to collect a lot of points and achieve our goal.

Strohschein: The second for the Kicker. The personnel situation is difficult right now. Can you give us one more extensive update please?

Reis: Players who weren't available last week, will again not be available for this match. (He further mentions the injured players and their various setbacks. Including Kozuki and Balanta).

Bild News: Yes, hello Thomas. You as a coach are the only one to have positive experiences in games against BVB. How does that help you for Saturday's game?

Reis: I don't know if that helps now, I just know that it's nice when you're in a derby, and I had that with Bochum, a derby and you're successful, against Dortmund yet another explosive game and yes, it is a completely different team and also another Coach at Borussia Dortmund. This was another team, I am on this team now. I believe that this game, I just can't compare this. I know what to expect and what's to come and of course also what Schalke fans expect from us.

Schlarmann: Thomas, the game against Chelsea, did you see it? What can you can take away from it with how you can hurt Dortmund? Who is Schalke's Havertz?

Reis: Yeah, I don't think it was just Havertz. I mean nobody is a walk-in customer. That is already a very, very good team. They put Dortmund under a lot of pressure, of course also had a bit of luck in certain phases, then the one with the penalty kick, repeating the kick to take the lead. Looking at it we already know that Dortmund is an incredibly strong team and

we don't kid ourselves. They have an incredibly safe passing game, um they combine forwards, have bold defending, stand very high line together with line and that is the possibility where we say okay um it's a very good team. We won't fool ourselves. Yet we'll give ourselves possibilities to succeed and we must make sure we take our chances, like in every game and then you can also be successful too and one thing is important when you play Dortmund. Bring 100%. We will bring 100%. We will make it very, very difficult. So it's up to us. Our job is to make sure Dortmund does not play at 100% meaning what sets us apart now is the mentality and if you show that on the day then can make it interesting and maybe even get a good result.

WAZ: First derby with Schalke against BVB. As a coach in the past, have you followed the derbies from afar? Was there a derby that was particularly memorable for you in your memory?

Reis: Still talked about to this day, for good reason. Mainly because of the big hole Schalke was in and came back to 4-4. It just shows you that in football you should never give up in terms of technical results. Of course, such games like this are a bit memorable, though that too is in the past. You can see that a lot is possible in football. We were already written off then and now we have a great opportunity again because of what we have working here for us. It's why you should never give up.


This PK went on for a few more minutes mostly talking about the same things ahead of the derby and choosing his words wisely. It sounds like the team and the coaching staff is very confident heading into this derby. They key will be to be fully focused mentally and physically. Be 100% committed to the cause and a result is not out of the question. Let's see if the boys can pick up a massive result in another huge Revierderby. The 100th in its history!


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