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Schalke PK Nach Hamburg [brief]

Thomas Reis: Yes, first of all, congratulations Tim and HSV. I think if you count the 90 minutes, we have seen there are probably two opinions. In the end, the win was absolutely fine even if it is against us. If you try to defend all the time than it is impossible to take that win. They ultimately got two more goals than us. We didn’t start well and HSV showed what we expected them to. They played great football and kept trying to play one-twos that would get them into dangerous areas. It's important that we analyze why and why we keep letting our opponents run, an opponent who knows how to play and go. It was easy for HSV to create a lot of chances.

We made mistakes that were far too easy. We weren't brave enough in the build-up. It wasn't a bad game for the spectators. Our clinical nature in front of goal was good in the first half. We wanted to be more solid after the break and didn’t really manage that. We have a player who made a positive impression[Ouedraogo] - and one who learned the hard way[Cisse]. But we won't rip his head off. To score three goals here and take nothing from the game is disappointing. We will learn from the things we didn’t do well tonight.

Question: Mr. Reis what we saw from Marius Müller today, I think, we have seen an extremely strong goalkeeper who delivered dream saves, maybe in abundance, but we cannot expect this all the time?

Reis: He had great positioning. What we saw was special, yes, we did not play very well in front of him, but Marius took care of that problem today especially in the first half and then again in the second. I am absolutely satisfied how he performed and the others already see the rays of hope with us today as a result of his performance.

Question: Thoughts on Assan Ouedraogo debut?

Reis: We want to continue to build him up carefully. He showed what he also showed in training. He already has great quality. He was rewarded but will be just as annoyed that we go home without points.

Our Conclusion:

What we wanted to see is some accountability for the lack of tactical changes at half time and again when Cisse picked up his first yellow. The team struggled mightily in the first half and no adjustments were made to prevent Hamburg the easy access in front of our goalkeeper. Again, why wasn't Matriciani not brought on right away instead of waiting for the red card that was inevitably coming. We will give credit to the boss on sticking up for Cisse and condemning the racist asks by the cowards in the stands. Hopefully after some analysis, the team can rebound nicely against Kaiserslautern. Take the positives and buiild forward. Gluck auf!


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